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The Cooperative Nursery School offers several programs that are unique, family oriented, and that strive to help your child grow. To be a part of these programs, toilet training is not required.

Emotional and social development
A preschool program helps children learn about themselves, both as individuals and as members of a group. If children are to grow into fully functioning adults, they need to have confidence in their abilities to master new challenges and to understand their social and physical environment. Co-op fosters such confidence-building by encouraging children to:
  • experience a variety of materials
  • assert their own ideas and thoughts
  • do things on their own
  • make choices and decisions that are accepted by adults
  • recognize their own feelings and develop appropriate means of expressing them
  • recognize and accept the feelings of others
  • develop strategies for resolving conflicts with others,
    including modifying their own behavior in order to work within a group
  • share responsibility for the care of materials and equipment
Physical, aesthetic and cognitive development
A preschool program should encourage children to exercise their curiosity, to explore and learn about their world, and to organize their knowledge. This process lays the necessary foundation for the development of general intellectual capacities. Co-op accomplishes this by helping children:
  • control bodily movements through the use of a variety of media
    (musical instruments, dramatic play, large physical equipment, etc.)
  • learn physical limitations in a safe environment
  • develop an interest in everyday events
  • do thoughtful planning - set goals, think, work, follow through
  • discuss information and draw conclusions; understand the consequences of events
  • increase understanding of number and shape concepts
  • develop aesthetic appreciation - awareness of color, line, form, rhythm and sound
  • articulate problems and work out solutions


Co-op can be successful in attaining the above goals because of its high adult-child ratio. This situation provides more opportunity for language development, the ability to choose from a greater variety of activities, and the opportunity for special activities that require a one-to-one relationship. It frees the teacher from housekeeping chores, so that he or she can concentrate on the children and their needs. The children are known to the teacher and to each other within the context of their entire family, and they can learn to become familiar with and care about other families.

Parents in Co-op have an opportunity for involvement in the broad education of their children. Participation in Co-op also enables discussion and exchange with other parents and the teachers regarding child development, family/child relationships, parenting skills, and the larger community and its resources.

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